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A Multi-Award Winning International Wedding Videographer

Most couples no longer just search for a wedding photographer; they want a first-class videographer to capture their big day in motion, scene by scene.

This is often the case if they’ve decided to get married abroad and wish to capture the splendour of their surroundings in an unforgettable way.

Whereas people used to film weddings using shaky camcorders, often producing underwhelming results, nowadays you can have a much more special film of your nuptials.

For example, equipment like drones has made it easier to capture the splendour of your venue. A skilled videographer like Moss Wedding Films can create a film that’s so beautiful it looks like a Hollywood film.

Are you looking for an international wedding videographer for your wedding?

Based in Yorkshire, Moss Wedding Films have worked at many stunning locations all over the world. We can capture the love and celebration between not only you and your partner but family and friends during your big day.

Whether you’re getting married in the UK, France or Malta, our videographer will get to know your location before the big day. As you can see from his destination films, he’s an international wedding videographer who’s committed to capturing the wow-factor. He has an eye for the beauty of smaller and more intricate details, along with the deft capturing of those bigger moments. All of these will bring the memory back to life years later.

Discover more reasons to choose Moss Wedding Films as an international wedding videographer.

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