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An International Wedding Videographer For Stunning Films

Want to ensure your wedding film is in safe hands?

Our wedding videographer will ensure nothing is missed, whether you’re getting married in the UK or further afield. He loves filming every detail to ensure your memories can be replayed again and again.

While getting married at home offers many benefits, a wedding abroad can be extra special. Your memories will be more than ever tied to a particular place. Many people choose a destination where plenty of sunshine is almost guaranteed! Others like the fact it can mean a smaller and more select guest list.

It’s also a chance to give friends and family a holiday to a new and exciting destination. It’s estimated that around 1 in 4 couples in the UK now get married abroad, so the popularity of destination weddings is definitely growing.

Our luxury international wedding videographer can fly out to film your event.

No matter where you’re getting married, he will ensure your venue is captured in all its glory. As an international wedding videographer, he’s worked at venues in a range of countries, including France, Tuscany and Malta. He has also worked on many weddings at home, including those in Yorkshire where he is based.

Find out more about our award-winning wedding videographer or get in touch with him for more information.

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