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Are You Looking For An International Wedding Videographer?

Covid-19 has made travelling for weddings extremely difficult. But with the rollout of the vaccine, it’s now becoming easier to plan events abroad with more certainty.

Whether you’re planning on getting married in the countryside of France, amid the splendours of Rome or on a luxurious tropical island, Moss Wedding Films can create the perfect movie of your special day.

With so many people having been separated over the past year, a wedding is sure to be an even more joyous and emotional occasion in the next few years. Our destination films capture the rollercoaster of emotions and incredible experience of marrying the love of your life.

From drone-high shots of your venue to fairytale sequences with your partner, Moss Wedding Films combines an eye for detail and creativity with consummate skill.

Based in Yorkshire in the UK but working all over the world, our international wedding videographer has won awards for his stunning films.

He’s worked at many mind-blowing beautiful venues all over the world, including France, Malta, Tuscany, Ibiza and many more.

As you can see from viewing our destination films, we capture the couple, guests and venue in outstanding quality, with the use of the latest technology and best filming techniques.

When searching for an international wedding videographer, don’t forget to check out Moss Wedding Films and what we can achieve. Alternatively, simply get in touch for more information.

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