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Where Can I Find A Videographer For My Wedding In France?

Moss Wedding Films is renowned for creating beautiful films that stand the test of time. Our skilled videographer regularly works abroad, along with in the UK.

Whether you’re getting married at a French vineyard, country chateau or the capital of romance, Paris, Moss Wedding Films will make the most of your venue.

Our videographer Sam will work in the background to ensure no special moment goes unnoticed. He’s so subtle and non-obtrusive, you might not notice he’s even there! H

owever, you can be assured he won’t let any poignant moment be missed. He will also visit your venue in France before the event, so he can get a sense of the site.

Previous work includes a wedding in Montpellier in South France, a taste of which you can see on our website. As you can see, the film includes sky-high drone shots, footage of preparations before and the ceremony and after-party. We’ll ensure your film is skillfully edited so it has ‘the Hollywood treatment’.

All the equipment our videographer uses for your wedding will be first-class. We appreciate when you’ve flown everyone out for a wedding, you want nothing to go wrong!

If you need a UK-based videographer for your wedding in France, find out more about Moss Wedding Films or contact our team today.

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